Land Records


Various documents maintained by the Revenue Authorities in Himachal Pradesh as Land Records are as follows: SHAJRA NASB, is a pedigree table showing succession to Ownership rights occurring from time to time in an estate, prepared at the time of settlement. JAMABANDI, gives information of total holding of each owner of land in a particular revenue estate. It also indicates cultivator, rent & revenue and other cesses payable on land and an up-to-date record of various rights in land. A new Jamabandi is written every five years. MUTATION REGISTER, keeps records of the sales, purchases, lease, change in title etc. of land and are incorporated in the Jamabandi when it is rewritten after 5 years. KHASRA GIRDAWARI, is a register of harvest inspections. The patwari conducts field to field harvest inspection every six months i.e. in October and March. He records the facts regarding crops grown, soil conservation, cultivation and capacity of the cultivator. This register is considered important as it acts a master file for the preparation of various agricultural returns and forecasts. The software known as Himbhoomi starts from the Shajra Nasb data entry, where each individual is assigned a unique code. Then the Jamabandi details are stored against each individual. Similarly when an individual concerned does any transaction then his/her detail is updated automatically with the help of mutation module. The modus operandi of data entry is that only one master Jamabandi (applicable at that time) is entered and then after wards only the changes are entered through the mutation module. This software is the only one of its kind, which not only computerizes the above mentioned Land Records documents but includes information related to Minor Irrigation, Agriculture Statistics, Land Reforms etc. also, and generates the computerised five-yearly Next Jamabandi Record automatically after incorporating the Mutations. The system is helping the Department in streamlining the Land Records maintenance with greater accuracy and reliability, and providing other related MIS reports very easily in comparison to the manual system of doing so. The general public are getting nakals of jamabandi, shajra nasb etc through this software by paying the nominal charges. Now, they are no more required to look for the patwaris to get the nakals. The Land Record (Himbhoomi) Computer Centres have been established in all the six tehsils of District Kinnaur. In these centres application is running online and the Nakal (Records of Rights) is easily available to the public.


Location : HP Department of Revenue Kasumpati | City : Shimla | PIN Code : 171009