Police Department Distt Kinnaur

Active Policing in this tribal area came into force during year 1948 with the creation of Police Station Chini of Erstwhile Mahasu District. By that time there was no existence of present Kinnaur District and until 1959 BSF and PAP was under the control of S.P. Border.
After re-organization of the State, District Kinnaur was created during year 1960. BSF and PAP were merged/transferred to District Police and HAP respectively. New S.P. Office was established at Kalpa.
Presently 6 Police Stations 6 Police Posts 3 Police check posts and 01 Police assistance both exists in this District i.e

  1. Police Station Reckong Peo
  2. Police Station Bhawa Nagar
  3. Police Station Sangla
  4. Police Station Moorang
  5. Police Station Pooh
  6. Police Station Tapri

Police Posts

  1. Police Post Nichar
  2. Police Post Katgaon
  3. Police Post Karcham
  4. Police Post Kalpa
  5. Police Post Pangi
  6. Police Post Yangthang

Police Check Posts i.e

  1. CP Akpa
  2. CP Namgia
  3. CP Chango

01 Police Assistance Booth working i.e PAB Chaura

Some helpline numbers :-

  1. Control Room 01786-222873
  2. Gudia Help line-1091,76499-03920
  3. Mentally ill person-222000

Kinnaur Police has created the website for the general public, which is named after and Facebook Page Kinnaur Police.

Address and contact number :-

Superintendent of Police Reckong Peo, Kinnaur H.P Tel. Number : Ph: 01786-222270(O),01786-222288 (R) Website : Email: