Administrative Setup

Single Line Administration

DC office Building

DC Office, Kinnaur

The deputy commissioner is the pivot round whom the entire administration revolves in the district. He wields wider administrative and financial powers than any other districts of Himachal Pradesh. This system is know as Single Line administration introduced in December, 1963. Under this system the Deputy Commissioner writes the annual confidential reports of all the officers in the district. In 1965 the deputy Commissioner was delegated the power to transfer within the district class III and IV employees within the district in consolation with the head of the office concerned.

This enabled him to ensure the co-ordination of all departments. He is empowered to sanction casual leave and tour programs of all district level officers. The development schemes of various departments have also to route through the Deputy Commissioner

The Headquarter of the district Kinnaur is Kalpa at Reckong Peo which fall under the Shimla Revenue Division Himachal Pradesh. The Administrative Setup of the district is as under:

Administrative Setup
Sr. No. Name of the Organizational Unit Detail of the Organizational Unit
1 Sub Divisions 3 [Kalpa,Nichar,Pooh]
2 Tehsils 5 [Nichar,Kalpa,Sangla,Moorang,Pooh]
3 Sub-Tehsils 2 [Tapri and Hangrang]
4 Revenue Villages 662
5 Development Blocks 3 [Nichar,Kalpa,Pooh]
6 Gram Panchayats 65
7 Parliamentary Constituency [Falls under Mandi]
8 Assembly Constituencies 1 [68-Kinnaur(ST)]
9 Zila Parishad 1 [Kinnaur at Reckong Peo]
10 Panchayat Samities 3 [Nichar, Kalpa, Pooh]