Cooperation Department Kinnaur

The Assistant Registrar office of Cooperative Societies Distt. Kinnaur is situated at Reckong Peo.

Address and Contact Number:-

Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies Distt Kinnaur At Reckong Peo
Tel. No. : 01786-222268
e-mail :

Developmental Functions :-

The Developmental functions incorporate the following main tasks to promote the growth of healthy Cooperative Institutions with the objectives :-

  1.  To provide S.T & M.T loan facilities to the farmers.
  2.  To provide chemical fertilizers & organic fertilizers/manures to the farmers.
  3. To provide essential food commodities/items at fair price shops under Public Distribution System.
  4. To provide advanced seed varieties & novel/new farm equipments to the farmers.
  5. Skill development of the local artisans & backward class workers involved in the industrial activities.
  6. To provide managerial subsidy, working capital subsidy, interest subsidy and subsidies on godown construction & maintenance to cooperative societies under state plan.

Regulatory Functions :-

Regulatory functions of the Department ensure that Cooperative institutions function as per Cooperative principles by following Act, Rules & guidelines issued :-

    1. Registration of Cooperative Societies
    2. Conducting Annual Audit of all Cooperative Societies.
    3. Inspecting Cooperatives Societies.
    4. Conducting the elections of the Cooperative Institutions.
    5. Conducting statutory inquiries into embezzlement & misappropriation.
    6. Conducting arbitration proceedings in case of disputes.
    7. Placing dormant/defunct Cooperative Societies under liquidation.
    8. Issuing directions from time to time to Managing Committees to improve their functioning/working.

    In addition to above this department is also implementing all the policies, programs and other important activities of the Government.