Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry is one of main and oldest profession of Distt. Kinnaur since ages, along with Horticulture and Agriculture. Deptt. has covered every Panchayat of Distt. as every Panchayat has at least a Veterinary Institution. Almost every household having livestock has reach to Vet. Institution in this Distt. Sheep and Goat husbandry was main livestock profession till horticulture overtook it, now it is mainly reared in Sangla valley, Katgaon valley and Rupi Valley along with Cattle rearing. Sheep and Goat rearing is mainly done by migrating from alpine pastures in summers to plain areas of HP in winters. Kinnauri / Bushairi breeds of Sheep and Goats are very famous for its remarkable wool and meat quality. Poultry is reared in Kalpa and Nichar blocks of Distt. Yaks are reared in Pooh Block and Sangla Tehsil of Distt.
As per 19th Livestock census of 2012 Sheep population of Distt. Kinnaur is 66,910, Goat population is 33,880, and Cattle population is 21,386, of which 11,913 are crossbred while 2,549 are others.

Address and Contact number :-

Deputy Director
Animal Health/Breeding,
Distt. Kinnaur at Reckong Peo, H.P.
contact no:- 01786-222570,

Distt. Kinnaur has following Veterinary institutions:-

  • Sub-Divisional Veterinary Hospitals – 3 ( at Sub-Div. HQs)
  • Veterinary Hospitals – 18 (Different places in Distt.)
  • Central Veterinary Dispensary – 1 ( Chagaon)
  • Veterinary Dispensaries – 38 (Different places in Distt.)
  • Vety. Dispensaries under “Mukhya Mantri Arogya Pashudhan Yojna” – 8 ( in 8 different Panchayats)
  • Sheep Breeding Farm – 1 ( Kaksthal)
  • Poultry Extension Centre – 2 (Tapri and Reckong Peo)
  • Sheep and Wool Extension Centre – 1 ( Sangla)

Deptt. of Animal Husbandry in Distt. Kinnaur is headed by Deputy Director, Animal Health/ Breeding having Assitt. Director (Extension and Projects) as his deputy in the office.

Deptt. of Animal Husbandry provides many schemes beneficial to the local population mainly livestock farmer oriented:-

Veterinary Clinical Facilities: –

Deptt. provides Vety. Clinical Services to livestock farmers almost 24×7 wherever possible through its network of Vety. Hospitals and Vety. Dispensaries. Veterinary Doctors and Vety. Pharmacists are there to provide emergency services.

Vaccination Programme: –

Free vaccination is done to livestock against several infectious and contagious diseases like FMD, HS&BQ in Cattle Population and PPR, Enterotoxaemia and Sheep Pox in Sheep and Goat. Post bite Anti-Rabies vaccination is done free of cost in Cattle, Sheep and Goat. Prophylactic and post- bite Anti-Rabies in Dogs.

 Poultry Development Programme: –

This Distt. has huge demand for Poultry chicks under Backyard Poultry Scheme reared for domestic consumption poultry meat and eggs. Deptt. has started 2 Broiler Poultry farms of 5000 annual capacity in Distt. on 60% subsidy this year and 2 will be opened this year.

Freight Free Subsidy Programme: –

Conc. Cattle feed is supplied to milch cow owners to supplement and enhance the nutritional status of milking cows at the production rate, procured from HP Agro Industries and CSK HPKVV, Palampur.

BPL Krishak Bakri Palan Yojna:-

Goat units are provided to BPL families on 60% subsidy to enhance the income of economically poor farmer of state in the form of 10F+1M, 4+1 and 2+1 goat units along with feed and insurance.

Ram Distribution to Sheep breeders:-

High pedigree Rams are distributed among sheep breeders for breeding purposes from our sheep Breeding farms on 60% subsidy.

Cattle insurance under Risk Management Scheme-

Milch cattle are insured for three years under Risk management scheme where 60% (for Gen) and 80 % (for SC/ST) of premium is paid by the Deptt. to cover the sudden loss of productive animal.


 Application of RFID’s in Cattle for identification: –

Deptt. in Distt. with the financial assistance from LADA Kinnaur has stated a very unique prog. to tag the cattle with RFID’s for digital permanent identification no. so that to identify the stray cattle, if any. This prog. has covered 8000 cattle population in Kalpa block of Distt. Deptt. has proposed to put this RFID’s in all the remaining cattle population in Distt. courtesy LADA of Distt. Kinnaur.

Uttam Pashu Puruskar Yojna-

Deptt. has stated a scheme to promote good milch cow breeders by giving the prize money of Rs.1000.00 per cow if cow has peak milk yield more than 15.0 lits per day.