meeting regarding election

Publish Date : 20/07/2018

In the chairmanship of District Election Officer (Deputy Commissioner), Kinnaur Dr. Major Avinindra Kumar, with the representatives of all recognized political parties in the district Kinnaur, amendments and changes in the polling stations.
The District Election Officer informed about the meeting that the program is being run by the Election Commission of India for the change and change in polling stations from 16 June 2018 to 10 August 2018. He said that presently the proposals for modification and modification after the inspection of 125 polling stations have been prepared. Physical verification of all the polling stations which have been found to be correct.
Dr. Major Avinindar said that a proposal has been received from Gram Panchayat Natha, in which the polling station number 68/103 – has been urged to open a new polling station 68/94- for the prevention and solaring of village Kacharang which is It is proposed to be located in the building of the Government Primary School Roktankarna.
He said that according to the said proposal of concerned Gram Panchayat, the physical verification of the respective polling station was done and it was found that the opening of the said new polling station is mandatory. It was discussed in detail in the meeting with the representatives of all political parties, who expressed their full agreement to open this new polling station.

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