There is a wide network of rest houses, staging huts, hotel/guest houses are in the district.
Tourist are required to contract XEN, PWD for reservation of PWD rest houses; XEN (I & PH) for IPH  rest houses; DFO for the Forest rest houses & XEN (HPSEB) for reservation of the Electricity Board rest houses
PWD Rest Houses
Reckong Peo Roghi Jangi
Rarang Pooh Yangthang
Namgia Kanam Sangla
Rakchham Chhitkul Ponda
Tapri Urni Karchham
Moorang Ribba  
PWD Rest Hose Reckong Peo
I&PH Rest Houses
Pooh Giabong Akpa
Shongthong Nichar Sangla
Chaura Rupi Tranda
Salaring Choltu Kilba
Nako Chango  
Electricity Board Rest Houses
Sangla Bhabanagar Katgaon
Hotels at Kalpa
Hotels Phone Address
The Monk (Hotels & Resorts) + 919816737004, +919816282836 Near Army Det Roghi road
The Grand Shangrila +919805695423,+919418703988 Kalpa
Hotel Kinner Villa +919816494215,+919418036006 Kalpa
Hotel Kailash View +919805146999, +919418402784 Kalpa
Hotel Inner Tukpa +919816364601,+919418008582 Kalpa
Hotel Rakpa Regency Kalpa
The Kalpa Retreat +919418423335, +919805844799 Kalpa
Hotel Blue Lotus +919816188658, 01786-226001 Kalpa
Hotel Parvati -- Kalpa
Hotel Golden Apple 01786-226059 Kalpa
Hotel Royal Resort +919418187331, +919805579019 Kalpa
Hotel Monal -- Kalpa
Hotel Royal Voyages +919418440126,+918894610126 Kalpa
Hotel Wild Trial Kalpa +919816437046 Kalpa
Hotel Satluj Valley +919418441001,+919805874001 Kalpa
Hotel Kyangtung -- Kalpa
Hotel Rolling Rang -- Kalpa
Hotel Aucktong +919816803788,+919418903788 Kalpa
Shivalik Guest House 226158 Kalpa
Kinner Kailash (HPTDC) Kalpa 01786-226159 Kalpa
Chini Bungalow 01786-226006 Kalpa
Hotels at Reckong Peo
Hotels Phone Address
Rangeen Hotel R/Peo ------ Reckongpeo
Hotel Mehfil ------ Reckongpeo
Hotel Ridang(Bar&Restaurant) ------ Reckongpeo
Hotel Taj ------ Reckongpeo
Hotel Deepak ------ ReckongPeo
Snow View G/House ------ Reckongpeo
Shambala Guest House R/Peo 222852 Reckongpeo
Hotel Shivling View(Bar&Restaurant) +919816282836,+919816737004 Reckongpeo
Fairy land G/House R/Peo 222477 Reckongpeo
Sairag Inn R/Peo 223077 Reckongpeo


Hotels at Sangla
Hotels Phone Address
Monal Regency Sangla 242922 Sangla Valley
Mount Kailash Sangla +9198052 67179 / +91918163579 Kamroo,Sangla
Prakash Regency +91 9816283268 / +91 9805187680 Sangla Valley
Hotel Holiday Homes +919816521411,+919816495859 Sangla Valley
Shuruti Guest House +919816514461, +919418341741 Sangla
Hotel Madhu +919418423842 Sangla Valley
Hotel Dev Bhumi +919805973005, +919418207430 Sangla Valley
Igloo Nature Camp -- Sangla Valley
Ashiana Guest House +919418755331,+919805841254 Sangla Valley
Baspa Guest House +919805278396, +919418209687 Sangla Valley
Hotel The Silver Crown -- Rakchham,Sangla
Shambu Lodge +919816045362 Rakchham,Sangla
Ganga Guest House -- Rakchham,Sangla
Hotel Mehta Resort -- Sangla Valley
Sangla Resort Sangla 242401 Sangla Valley
Hotel Panchali -- Chitkul, Sangla
Rupin View Rakchham - Sangla Valley
Banjara Camps Sangla -- Sangla Valley
Kinnaur Camps Rakchham 242382 Sangla Valley
Hotels at Pooh and Surroundings
Hotels Phone Address
KnaygohKinner Camps +919418440767,+919816528002 Nako,Pooh
MajoJangram Hotel,Lippa 01785- Lippa,Pooh
Hotel The Reo Purgial 01785- Nako,Pooh
Galaxy Guest House Nako 01785- Nako,Pooh
Lavon Guest House Nako 01785-262012 Nako,Pooh
Tashi Guest House Chango 01785-237283 Chango,Pooh
Tobgia Guest House Chango 01785-237253 Chango, Pooh
Chhering Guest House Chango 01785-237322 Chango Pooh
Tenjeen Guest House Chango 01785-237365 Chango Pooh
Gardon View Chango 01785-237287 Chango Pooh
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